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How To Create A 1099-MISC Form

All employers are required to generate their employees’ 1099 MISC form. And especially when the contractors that spent over $600 or more of their annual expenditures. 1099-MISC forms are usually mailed out to contractors before the end of January 31st. They are then filled with IRS before February 28th. And for those who might want to go the electronic way, their deadline is 31st March.

If you have limited time to generate these 1099- MISC forms, you have the option of hiring someone to do the job for you. But you should know you are going to pay handsomely for such services. Alternatively, you may choose to order for blank forms from IRS and fill them on your own. It is cheap and convenient to do so.

You also have another amazing option, the Intuit. The Intuit is designed to offer help to employers who want to access the 1099-MISC E-file services and create the 1099 forms that they need all the time they want to. In addition to that, they allow you print and file them to the IRS department automatically.

Most businesspersons choose this option as it is convenient and uncomplicated. You may have to pay a fee for the services, not much. It is recommended that you seek these services early enough, as you are likely to pay less.

One of the essential advantages that you stand to gain from the Intuit 1099-MISC E-file services is that you will do it with ease. Here are simple steps on how you can create a 1099-MISC form without any complication.

To begin with, you may have to sign-up for their services, that is, if you have never filed any 1099-MISC in the past. If you have an account from your previous 1099-MISC E-filing, all you need to do is to log in and use your previous data.

And if you are new in this system, you should be able to locate their website and sign-up as instructed. Ensure that you choose a reliable email address and select the “new customer option,” and then click on the “Sign In” button. You need to fill your account information correctly, including your password, both your first name and the last name, your company’s name as well as your contact details. Read through all the terms and conditions and make sure you understand them before you agree.

The next thing is to enter your business information. You can choose to import your QuickBooks or fill them manually. Choose either EIN or SSN, depending on your needs. More importantly, fill your name, address as well as your 1099-MISC Information.

Fill in the details of details of each of your employee: their business, business name and EIN (for those with a business contractor, and SSN for those with individual contractors. You can then enter their address as well as the amount that they paid that year.

It is essential that you double -check to see if there are some errors that call for correction before you submit and print your 1099-MISC form.

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