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What to Consider When Designing a Custom Bar

As the name would suggest, a custom bar is not something that can be bought from the usual stock options. It should be unique, tailored to meet a very specific set of requirements. Pulling such a bar together, from first concept to full design and build can be more than some can cope with. This is why there are companies that specialise in creating and building custom designed bars, such as  Dawnvale . While the enterprising may feel they are up to the challenge in designing their own bar it is always useful to consider consulting one of these specialist companies if the going gets too rough. Here are some of the issues to consider before approaching the project:


It may seem a bit of a daft question to ask what purpose a custom bar must serve: after all, they all do the same thing – serve drinks to people. But there are many variations to this simple them: how many people are anticipated at the bar? This will dictate the size and layout necessary to cater for them. How much room is available for the bar to occupy? Is it to be located in a home, a restaurant, hotel or be a ‘stand alone’ venture? This will dictate the whole design. What is the available budget? More than anything else this will control every facet of the bar’s creation, although budgets can be adjusted up or down during the progress of a project. Being clear on what purpose the bar is to serve, and where, will help clarify other facets of the design and execution of the project.


More than any other type of bar project, a truly custom-designed and built bar offers huge opportunities for self expression. Whether it is for an individual or a collective, the custom bar can make a major statement about its owner or owners. Being clear on the statement to be made, the messages conveyed about the owner or owners is an important starting point in the design phase. Is it to be bold, daring even? Or traditional, speaking of traditional values and the owner’s commitment to them? Or perhaps it should be quirky, adventurous in a fun way? Plain and simple can also make a statement.

Staying focussed

Creating a custom bar can be fun and rewarding, but focus should also be maintained on some important issues such as cost, purpose and the overall message the bar is to convey. This means remembering the practical as well as the adventurous and imaginatively creative. For example, whatever the nature of the final project it must fulfil the basic functions of a bar and be comfortable for those using it, whether staff, customers or owners. The most exotic, luxurious or expansive bar can prove a failure if it cannot fulfil its basic functions. The budget can also go out of the window if flights of fancy are indulged without reference to the main concepts and purposes of the bar.